MEINL Drum Festival Bundle (BUNDLE-BF)

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  • 0.7 Kg
  • Inclusive: MEINL Drum Festival Stick (MDFS)
    Inclusive: MEINL Gymbag Drum Festival 2023 (GYMBAG-MDF23)
    Inclusive: MEINL Stick & Brush Kinetic Key - Nickel Plated Black (SB501)
    Inclusive: MEINL Snapback Cap (MEINL-CAP-01)
    Inclusive: Black/Red MEINL lanyard with red logo (M15)
Last year's Meinl Drum Festival was a full success, with a variety of outstanding drummers,... more
Product information "MEINL Drum Festival Bundle (BUNDLE-BF)"
Last year's Meinl Drum Festival was a full success, with a variety of outstanding drummers, hot gigs and exclusive merchandise.
Relive your memories and get the 5-piece MEINL Drum Festival Bundle.
"Black" is the motto here, because it contains 1 pair of black Drum Festival Drumsticks, the casual Festival Gymbag as well as the MEINL Snapback Cap, a MEINL Stick & Brush Kinetic Drum Key with Nickel Plated Back Finish, and our current red/black Meinl lanyard.

With a diameter of 0.565" (14.4 mm) and a Hybrid tip, the MEINL Drum Festival Stick is an extremely versatile drum stick that covers a wide range of musical styles. Whether you play rock, jazz, funk or other genres, with its medium weight the Drum Festival Stick offers the perfect balance between power and speed.
Together with the Drum Festival Gymbag with robust cork bottom, these were exclusively available for the Meinl Drum Festival 2023. This is the last chance to get your hands on these items! The Gymbag is printed with the festival program, making this event unforgettable for you.
Complete your iconic Meinl drummer look with the MEINL Snapback Cap, embroidered with the black Meinl logo, and the timeless Meinl Laynard.
And last but not least, an indispensable accessory for every drummer: The MEINL Stick & Brush Kinetic Drum Key. To bring your personal sound to every gig, this key allows you to easily retune and change your drumheads.

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