How to tune a Kalimba

That a Kalimba gets slightly out of tune from time to time is nothing unusual and nothing to worry about. To get your Kalimba back in tune, here we show and explain step by step how to tune your Kalimba.

Know where it comes from

Ever wondered what's behind the materials of Meinl Sonic Energy's 2021 released Nutshell-Shakers and never heard of the Lucky Nut or the Pangi Seed? This blog post will shed some light and give you more in-depth information about the main raw material of Meinl Sonic Energy Shakers because we want you to know where your instrument comes from.

Small, but what a performance!

The Thunder Drum, also known as Thunder Tube, is a rather small and simply constructed instrument, but it has a lot of power. If you know how to use it, you can literally create a real storm with the Thunder Drum. The effect instrument is used primarily in film and radio (for recording sounds, for example), in kindergartens (e.g. for the tonal background of a story) or integrated in a percussion setup on stage.
We at Meinl take responsibility for the environment. Thus, for decades Meinl implemented environmental projects such as the construction of a photovoltaic system, the use of electric cars or the installation of a special vacuum distillation system to save drinking water. Even in the production of Meinl Percussion instruments the motto "It's our world, we care for it!" is followed. This starts with the raw material which comes from industrial plantations of ecologically controlled forests in Thailand and Indonesia.

What is a drum circle?

Rhythm is a way of life - that's our motto at Meinl VivaRhythm, the percussion brand especially for drum circles, team events, community drumming, music teachers, therapists and everyone who likes to drum together. In this article we will explain you what is meant by a so-called drum circle.
There are instruments that don't require perfectionism to sound great. The Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimba is one of them.
So if you're not a musician, here's your first lesson.
You always wanted to know how a Cajon is put together and also have fun tinkering? Meinl Percussion offers you special Do-it-yousel Kits for this purpose. The assembly is so intuitive and simple that no strong craftsmanship is needed. Check this blogpost to see for yourself the simplicity of assembly and the great fun factor.

CaiXoN and CaiXoNet

With the Meinl VivaRhythm caiXoN and caiXoNet we offer you a back-friendly alternative to the classic Cajon. The caiXoN as well as the caiXoNet have the adventage that the playing surface is brought closer to the player, what allows you an upright sitting position, while the traditional sound of the snare cajon is still present in both models.