Ortega Guitars' extensive line includes specially designed plant-based guitar accessories, including vegan guitar and ukulele straps, vegan care products, and organic strings. A milestone towards an environmentally friendly future with a clear conscience.
With this short guide, you can easily find the right ukulele size for your new musical activity.

Help is at hand!

The Ortega Capodaster, an adjustable guitar saddle, is your savior when a song doesn't match your pitch. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities in your playing and I am sure, you won't want to miss it. If you have different stringed instruments at home, you should consider the Ortega Twin-Kapo, because it is multifunctional and suitable for both flat and arched fingerboards.
Simplicity often has an amazing effect. The beauty of Ortega Guitars' Keiki K3-series lies in its naturalness. The harmonious exterior of these soprano ukuleles made of exotic woods is not only visually appealing but also fits perfectly into any environment.

Let's talk about Keikis

Small, colorful, with pretty engraving. No, it is not a toy. It is called Sopranino, the smallest ukulele from the Ortega catalog, which fills any room with a rich sound. This size is suitable for any level of player and the instrument is practical and easy to store.
The Keiki K2 series "Horror vacui" impresses with its colorful street art design after the Italian artist and graphic designer Guglielmo Gasloli. Its unique design as well as its compact size make the Ortega Keiki K2 series an optimal companion on your musical journey.