We are excited to have many new products from Meinl Stick & Brush in our lineup. Learn more about the new Meinl Stick & Brush drumstick series, Diego Galé's Signature Timbales Sticks, and two brand new accessories in this blog post.

I am packing my Stick Bag and take with me...

From Drumsticks to Drum Keys, there are many items that should be part of every Stick Bag to be equipped for all musical situations you might encounter. To make sure you don't forget any important tool at your next gig, read this blog post and be perfectly prepared.
With Meinl Stick & Brush Practice Pads, you are no longer forced to choose between a soft pad surface for muscle-building and quiet practice and a harder pad that sounds like you're drumming on a wood plank. In terms of volume, muscle engagement and feel, Meinl Stick & Brush Practice Pads are a happy medium. The solid construction, consisting of a durable soft foam padding, a solid MDF base and a 6.5 mm thick rubber pad allows you to play on virtually any flat surface and additionally ensures the maintainance of your stick's natural wood tone.
Drumsticks, multi-rods and brushes are the most important tools for any drummer or percussionist, forming a direct link between the player and their instrument.
There are several factors that will influence what the right choice is for each player and their situation. Learn more about the components that make up the Meinl Stick & Brush line and their unique characteristics.
Drumsticks are known to be THE most important tool of every drummer. Under the brand Meinl Stick & Brush Meinl develops and manufactures different series of high quality sticks. The idea of Meinl Stick & Brush was to develop a focused line of high quality sticks with clear differences in sound response. An innovative process is used in the manufacture of the drum sticks. The high quality of Meinl Stick & Brush drumsticks can also be attributed to ongoing quality checks during the manufacturing process.
Drummers are extremely creative when it comes to keeping their drum kit from slipping while drumming. Yet it can be so simple. Because Meinl Cymbals Drum Rugs - made of very durable and tightly woven fabric - hold your hardware in place and won't let go. So you can concentrate on playing your drums without worrying that your kit will come off.

Pocket Galore

The Meinl Cymbals Drum Stick Bag should be part of every drummer's kit - whether you're an experienced touring drummer or just starting your drumming career. It offers enough space for sticks, mallets, rods and other drum accessories. With the ability to attach to any floortom, you'll have your sticks all at your fingertips while playing, so you can easily react to spontaneous changes in the setlist. After the performance, the stick bag is simply folded up again. By the carrying handle and shoulder strap, the bag can be transported comfortably.
Meinl Stick & Brush offers multi-rods and brushes in different materials. In this article you will learn what advantages the individual materials have.

Drumstick Tip Comparison

The tip of a drumstick is known to significantly influence the sound of cymbals. In this article we will introduce you to the six different Meinl Stick & Brush drumstick tips and their characteristics.