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Welcome at!
Here you will find a steadily growing number of spare parts as well as high-quality merchandise of your favorite brands.
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  • Welcome at

    Since many years, we offer you a wide range of merchandise and selected items from the music biz. In 2012, we decided to design our online shop more structured and extensive.

    You can find many of our retail brands and an ever growing number of spare parts, smart tools & care products and merchandise from ibanez saddle to girlie-shirt,
    as well as all current payment methods, to order even easier and more comfortable.

    Our Meinlshop team is available for any of your questions. For those who never want to miss a deal or a new product, we offer a subscription to our exclusive Meinlshop newsletter.

    Now have fun with our new Meinlshop - Your Meinlshop Team

5 of 5 stars!  Peter W. G. (25.04.2019) writes to product IBANEZ rubber switch plate - for AS200 (4PT1JSPRV):   Ein kleines Stückchen Gummi, um auch die letzten mechanische Schaltgeräusche zu eleminieren! Ein Ersatzteil, daß dem Original zu 100% entspricht! D...
2 of 5 stars!  Peter W. G. (25.04.2019) writes to product IBANEZ Poti B500K (3VR00A0006):   Es handelt sich nicht um ein Original Ibanez Ersatzteil, sondern um ein Potentiometer der Fa. "Alpha", der Wert Beträgt 520KOhm. Das Original war m...
5 of 5 stars!  Peter W. G. (25.04.2019) writes to product IBANEZ pickguard - AS73G (4PG12A0081):   Passt mit etwas Bastelei auch auf AS153!
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