IBANEZ pickguard - for Artcore AF75, AF75T (4PG12A0043)

IBANEZ pickguard - for Artcore AF75, AF75T (4PG12A0043)
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  • 4PG12A0043
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Product information "IBANEZ pickguard - for Artcore AF75, AF75T (4PG12A0043)"


AF75, AF75T

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Customer evaluation for "IBANEZ pickguard - for Artcore AF75, AF75T (4PG12A0043)"
25 Sep 2019

I have bought this pickguard to my Ibanez AF55 wich has not got pickguard.
I have investigated, that this pickguard fit to it. It is great!
I like the flat color of AF55 but I got used to Epiphone ES Les Paul with its pickguard so it was necessary to the Ibanez as well.
For set up only need thin drill and have to make two small holes.
Maybe the rubber tube is long a bit so need it making shorter. One can cut it off easily to size.

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